Report: Jay-Z Cheating On Beyonce! Marriage On The Rocks!

Despite being married to the reigning most beautiful woman in the world, and having a beautiful baby daughter, it appears rapper Jay-Z is still not content with his life!

The latest issue of In Touch Weekly magazine is reporting Jay-Z, 42, has been very busy hitting up the clubs and flirting with numerous women while his wife Beyonce, 30, sits at home with their baby Blue Ivy Carter.

According to the mag, Jay-Z hardly looked like a married man at the New York hotspot Catch on April 23. “He had several girls at this table and offered all of them drinks,” an insider reveals, adding that Jay-Z partied the night away with numerous women alongside pals Sean “Diddy” Combs and Swizz Beatz.

With Beyonce nowhere in sight, one gorgeous brunette reportedly bragged to friends that Jay called “What up, baby?” as she walked by. “He dropped more than $20,000 at the club,” the insider states to In Touch. “He was in a great mood.”


Unfortunately for Jay, an exhausted Beyonce is said to be fed up with his wild ways, and in fact the two recently had a nasty fight in front of friends. “She said she was tired and needed his help,” an onlooker recalls of the star. “She was sick of having sleepless nights while he was out having fun.” Yikes!

And it doesn’t appear things will be getting better for the couple anytime soon as Jay is gearing up for the European leg of his Watch the Throne tour, with Kanye West, which kicks off mid-May in London.

“Beyonce lives in fear that her marriage could end in tatters,” a source admits of the singer. “She sees this perfect life she built with Jay-Z and wonders if she set herself up to fail.”

Photo Credit: Wild1 / PR Photos


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  • Fifi

    How did she ever think he’d stop cheating on her if she married him? He’s been a cheater from the time she laid eyes on him. What in the world does she see in him anyway? She seems smitten and bewitched by such an obviously ugly and salacious man. Oh well, you do reap what you sow.

  • thembi

    She should just dump him that woman deserve better any guy would love to be in his shoes

  • Abelyohanes50

    Beyonce i know u r the best wife & mother but hold on to it and do it for ur daugther i know how u feel & belive me i know it hard to become a mother. Love u & ur kid

  • Dorene Chretien

    She keep sleeping with him and she will end up with AIDS. AIDS does not have a social class preference, dumb girl. Thinks her looks are everything people who are narcissistic think they’re everything until their partner is like, “YEAH, I’m gonna cheat”. She isn’t leaving him. They spend time with the President!! They are together for the royalty. Nothing more. Everyone get over it. This couple is together forever. He sleeps around, he comes home sleeps with her too, she nuts and everyone is happy.

    • hannah

      I don’t know you and you don’t know me but why the hell do u have to put it that way what did she ever do to you? Are you jealous or something it’s not her fault the Jay-Z is cheating on her .You also have to put in mind they have a baby to think about she just can’t leave and forget about the baby.

  • Antonia Reveria

    I Truely Think They Is A Good Influence On Us People !


    Can anyone internalize for a moment? How would you feel about others commenting on your relationship and nit picking every little or big thing out of context? Privacy to them please and cut the commenting, because truly we really don’t know and shouldn’t be prying to find out whats going on between them. They are still regular human beings who deserve that respect.

    • michael

      I agree with you. Your sentiment is on point, but will no one will pay it any attention. The internet is filled with trolls

  • EagleEyeGolfer

    What a damn fool TZ is at the moment. And don’t really care if I didn’t spell his name correctly or not. Only a complete imbecile would cheat on this woman. This is what happens when the woman chooses the man and not the other way around. Once a dogg always a dogg. He never deserved her in the first place. I had no idea why she even picked him, because looks had absolutely nothing to do with it i promise you that, lol.

  • Carmelle Simone

    Better a mistress, never a wife teehee