PHOTOS – Is Chris Brown On Drugs? Looking Very Skinny In New Pictures!

Chris Brown continues to alarm his fans by his continuing skinny appearance.

Many are now wondering if the 23-year-old singer is on drugs as evident by his thinnest appearance yet in the above picture, which was taken just days ago on May 26, 2012 in California.

While Chris’ camp is claiming off the record that his weight loss can be attributed to losing ex-girlfriend Rihanna (no we’re not buying it either!), a source is revealing drugs is indeed the problem for both Chris and his model girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

“I’m told everyone thought Chris Brown was losing weight over Rihanna. NOT THE CASE! I’m told he and his girlfriend Karreuche “allegedly” get high off that “molly” (which is like a more pure form of MDMA aka ecstasy). Anyway, I’m told they “allegedly” use it daily and that’s the reason for his drastic weight loss and erratic behavior,” says a source to

The source continues, “His voice has also suffered from it, which is why he mostly performs/lip syncs “Turn Up The Music” at Award shows. Most MDMA users, I’m told, love techno-like music and glow in the dark scenery. A person who use to be a part of Chris Brown’s camp told me he just couldn’t be around it anymore because it was just too much.”

Yikes! So there you have it folks. The illegal drug Ecstasy is to blame for Chris’ drastic weight loss… all allegedly of course. We’ll let you be the judge with more photos of a thinner Chris below!


More Chris Brown Skinny Photos Are Below!




Chris Brown looking very thin with his model girlfriend Karrueche

Chris Brown Weight LossChris Brown Weight Loss

Chris Brown’s face looks sunken in.

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  • brooke

    he’s definitely on something!

  • Hi Fans

    Of course he’s on something. How come its taken people so long to.realise?? Thing is, as long as he is able to perform and make money his record company and hangers on won’t give a shit.

    Oh and shame on Chris team early attempt to blame Rihanna for his weight loss. Did they forget the two of them broke up three years ago? Quite a delayed response to a break up. More victim blaming from Team Breezy. On a plus side Rihanna looks amazing. Positively glowing in recent pics.

  • emily

    oh my god, I thought he looked ok in the first picture, with all the clothes on….the tank top pictures are scary!!!

  • Alani

    Chris brown is definetly on drugs. At the bet aawards chris was performing turn up the music,dont wake me up he looked so skinny.

  • thembi

    What happen to the sexy chris that we meet few years ago cute with scandals

  • Cee Bustamante de Montenegro

    I knw wht th boy’s prblm is. It hs a name, surname, ID, driver’s licence n is famous-RIHANNA

  • Shantel

    omfw breezy u luk terrible jho lyk wtf r u tink iyoh…*

  • Vocals69

    That boy ain’t on nobody’s drugs of course HATERS WILL HATE!!

  • Nicki Smith

    chris brown is just goin though a bad time right now  but hes not on drug it just his haters

  • Kimberly.T

    Well you all shouldn’t assume someone is on drugs based on pictures because its alot of other people who loss weight due to stress exercise and alot of other things I hope he won’t go to drugs I hope he get his life together and go to God we all sinned. so instead of trying to tear some one down think about that because pictures of him doesn’t prove he’s on drugs with no drugs in the pictures so I’m not buying it I hate mess this is all it is mess uplift people if you think their doing that bad

  • UrHotFreaknDream

    No Der he on drugs Cuz Hes Got SO much dam Energy in his songs