PHOTOS – Lil Kim Before Plastic Surgery Pictures!

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery Before and AfterOh Lil Kim! What have you done to your face?

Unfortunately for the 37-year-old rapper, real name Kimberly Jones, it seems she is mostly known these days for her bad plastic surgery rather than her great rapping skills.

As you can see from the above before and after photo, Lil Kim has had a nose job, boob job, and countless injectables/other procedures to her face.

 Quite frankly, we think she looked just fine in the before pics but we’ll let you be the judge with more before pictures below!




Lil Kim MugshotLil Kim’s original face courtesy of an older mugshot!

Lil Kim Before Plastic SurgeryLil Kim with the late Notorious BIG

Lil Kim Before and After — the after is following her nose job disaster in 2008.

Lil Kim with her original nose

Lil Kim after some plastic surgery


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  • CharlesFinley

    nugly figger

    • Renee Lattier


    • Renee Lattier

      You sir are one of the saddest individuals that I have ever come across. It truly makes me ashamed to admit that I have any white in me at all.

  • Melissa_04

    I can’t believe she has the audacity to go out in public looking like that!

  • Hlovefest

    I hope that she stops before she have to wear a veil over her face. She has lost her identity. I had to come to this website to remember the girl I us to love to rap. I guess Nicky stanknaj, is better than little Kim as far as self-esteem goes. Kim find some self esteem and stop making yourself hideous.

  • Hlovefest

    Not everyone look good as a blond. Please stop scaring us Kim. I can imagine how your father think of you changing yourself like this. I had the pleasure of meeting him on the bus one day years ago when she first started dressing so provocative that it was embarrassing him. He just want you to love yourself for who you are, and have respect for yourself, and please stop wearing those blond wigs.

  • Losmoney23

    man i love lil kim an all and niki minaja need to cut it out ugly bitch respect kim forreal….but kim u dumb ass hell fo doing yo self like dat u fucked yo self up but as to niki minaja bitch kim gone whipp dat ass u watch …but bad face job

  • Losmoney23

    i still love ma kim she so beefy an cute at times so for all tha haters lick her ass an shut tha fuck up hoes cause she got way more money then any bitch thats runin they mouth about her an so wat if she show her body off its hers an her style so gtf outta here hatin on ma bitch kim

  • Dwahn Denson

    Somewhere BIG is turning over in his grave damn Kim !!!!!

  • smita

    it was horrible earlier

  • Tamia

    I know you had to feel bad about yourself before the surgery now I’m pretty sure you feel even worse now you should have never done this to yourself you should speak at different organizations and let people know how terrible plastic surgery can be I guarantee they’ll believe you just by your outcome from it

  • Princess Nay-Nay

    I have nothing to say.

  • feranha

    lil kim should have just left her nose the way it was after surgery she looks like a porcelain doll and it doesn’t suit her we loved her just the way she was