Did Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Have a Fake Marriage? Is Tom Gay?

Katie Holmes DivorceIt’s been less than two weeks since Katie Holmes shocked many by filing for divorce from husband of five years Tom Cruise.

Fast forward to today and many are still wondering if the marriage between the couple was ever real to begin with. The latest cover of the National Enquirer reads “Katie Ends Their Sham Marriage.”

The article mostly states Katie felt the marriage was a “sham” because while Tom, 50, worked overtime to maintain the image of a happy family man to the public, she was lonely and unhappy, feeling like a single mom as she mostly had to care for 6-year-old daughter Suri by herself with Tom traveling so much for work.

Yes, the Enquirer seems to be ignoring the big elephant in the room, ignoring the questions most people want answers to, such as – Is Tom Cruise gay? Was Katie Holmes a beard? Was this nothing more than an arranged marriage?

Well let’s dig into those questions shall we! So is Tom gay? The jury is still out on that as unlike his fellow Scientology pal John Travolta, there has hardly been any major reports or allegations by male masseurs about gay sex with Tom (there has been a ton of rumors, but nothing concrete and definitely no lawsuits). I have my personal opinion on this, but I’ll let you keep reading before you draw your own conclusion!

The second and third question is was Katie just a beard and was this nothing short of an arranged marriage? Well according to Andrew Morton, who wrote an unauthorized biography about Tom, the answer to the third question is yes!  The fearless Andrew has confirmed the widely rumored speculation that back in 2005, Tom did indeed audition a number of actresses to play the role of his wife… in real life.

In an article he recently wrote for the NY Post, Andrew states that Tom did “auditioned” actresses Sofia Vergara, Jessica Alba, and Scarlett Johansson, to be his wife but they all ran for their lives the hills. Sofia, 40, was reportedly very frightened of the Scientology “religion” while the others were just all around freaked out.

Eventually Tom settled on a then 26-year-old Katie, who had just ended her engagement to Chris Klein and had revealed in past interviews that Tom was her childhood crush. What followed afterward was a change in Katie’s demeanor, mostly evident in an interview she did for W Magazine (this interview is a must read and will definitely give you a CLEAR answer on just how “real” this relationship was) in late 2005 during which Katie appeared very robotic when it came to answering questions about Tom,  repeatedly giving the same answers over and over and over and over again. Even more peculiar, Kate had a Scientology babysitter with her the entire time she was being interviewed.

The rumor mill has alleged Tom offered Katie a 5-year-marriage contract reportedly worth over $15 million, and the contract required her to have a baby and had a no sex agreement between the couple. The rumors of the 5-year marriage contract came out back in 2005 when the couple started dating. They eventually tied the knot in November, 2006, and after five years of marriage, Katie has filed for divorce.  What are the chances?

So we have to ask, why would a handsome, alleged heterosexual, and successful movie star need to audition for a beard wife? And allegedly require her to sign a marital contract which allegedly offered a no-sex clause? We’ll let you draw your own conclusions from the above!

There’s also a new article floating around in which Tom’s former manager/mentor from the 80s Eileen Berlin claims Tom use to parade around in a g-string while also repeatedly revealing her surprise over Tom’s marriages and her shock over the fact that each of them lasted as long as they did. Feel free to read between the lines.

While I do believe this marriage was definitely a sham, I still feel pretty bad for Katie as I don’t think she truly realized what she was getting herself into. I don’t think she realized just how freaky intense the Scientology “religion” is or what this would do to her as a human being. I do believe she finally snapped out of it and the love for her daughter Suri was enough to get her to leave the unhealthy situation.

The Lainey Gossip blog has reported that despite the alleged 5-year contract, Tom and his people allegedly begged Kate to agree to one more year of marriage, which she allegedly agreed to. So this is the reason Tom was truly blind sided by the divorce filing, because he truly believed Katie was planning to hang in there for a little bit longer.

As for the latest on the divorce case,  Us Weekly is reporting that Tom is currently in “major crisis mode” as pretty much everyone is Team Katie and see her as a victim who finally broke free of her controlling captor.

Tom, who “is on the phone with his lawyers 24/7,”  and his team “are in major crisis mode,” a source close him tells Us Weekly.  “Tom’s whole life . . . is being torn apart,” the source adds.  What is that sound you’re hearing? Yep that’s the sound of nobody feeling bad for Tom! If you recall, Tommy boy also blindsided his ex-wife Nicole Kidman with a divorce back in 2001. So there’s that thing called karma…

As for Katie, 33, Us Weekly is also reporting she is very determined to get sole custody of Suri.  “She is dead set on keeping custody of Suri,” a Katie source tells Us Weekly. 

“Katie is not going to compromise on certain issues, all regarding Suri,” the source adds. Good for her.


UPDATE – Did Gawker out Tom Cruise? Below is the heading they used for an article written on Monday (July 9) following the news of the divorce settlement -

“Tom Cruise Thanks Third Wife for Silence About His Craziness and Love of Dudes with Divorce Settlement”

UPDATE #2 – We found an old interview Mimi Rogers gave in which she stated Tom never wanted to have sex with her during their short lived marriage from 1987 to 1990. Mimi was Tom’s first wife. Below is a quote from Mimi’s interview with Playboy -

“He was seriously thinking of becoming a monk,” Mimi told Playboy. “He thought he had to be celibate to maintain the purity of his instrument, but my instrument needed tuning, and we had to split.”

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  • http://www.aol.com Jan

    Tom Cruise chose “Lyin-tology” over Suri because they will BLACKMAIL him with his deep dark secrets..and THIS is the ‘exciting’ belief system he so strongly promotes? THIS is the life he desperately wants his CHILDREN involved with? THIS is what he gave up his precious daughter for? He truly has been mentally altered!

    L.R. Hubbard was deeply disturbed in that he believed himself to be the antichrist and declared that the Lord Jesus Christ was a pedophile. He also was heavily influenced by occultics Anton Levay and Aleister Crowley. While Cruise and his family and followers spend their lives battling alien spirits, and their only future ‘hope’ is being reincarnated billions of times, Jesus offers peace, mercy, forgiveness and eternal life to those who trust Him alone for salvation. (yes, John 3:16) Thank God Katie had the guts to stand up to the evil David Miscaviage and the brainwashing cult disguised as a religion. I pray that Tom will turn to Christ before he one day slips out into all eternity to face an awesome, righteous and holy God. “What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his own soul?” Mark 8:36

  • Josie


  • Rick

    buddy of mine worked at the PR firm that hired Katie Holmes, Jessica Biel was their first choice