Suri Cruise Abandoned by Dad Tom Cruise? Hasn’t Seen Her in 44 Days, Says Report

Where is Tom Cruise?

That’s what Suri wants to know.  Apparently the last time the sweet six year old saw her daddy was back on August 4th, when the duo was snapped during a photo op at Disney World.  Making it over 40 days since the actor saw his little girl.

Cruise didn’t even bother showing up to Suri’s first day of school at private NYC school Avenues.  A family friend told In Touch magazine, “He has the means. He could have flown to NYC for one day to see Suri off to school.  It was selfish. He was out having a good time.”

Tom didn’t even bother trying to gain custody of his daughter from his wife of five years, Katie Holmes, after she announced her divorce plans, unbeknown to him.  Instead, just a few days before the first day of school, he was seen at a pub, “laughing and talking a lot to everyone like he didn’t have a care in the world,” according to an onlooker who spoke to In Touch.

Attorneys have been quoted as saying that Cruise has been busy working in London for the film, All You Need Is Kill.

Though it stands to reason that, if a man with Tom’s kind of money can’t bother to show up for the first day of school of his own daughter, something drastic MUST have been standing in his way.  Perhaps the Mother Ship finally came to get him?? Maybe he had some more couches to jump on?

It must have been a pressing matter either way.

[Photo Credit: PR Photos]


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  • Sarah Phlps48

    If Tom is indeed in London, I think it’s a little much to expect him to put the movie on hold and fly to NY to see Suri off to school, even if he does have the means.