Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore Divorce Fight Over Money!


Two and a Half Men cheap skate star, Ashton Kutcher, doesn’t want to pony up any money to his ex Demi Moore and the battle may get ugly.

Ashton makes $24 million dollars per season of the night-time comedy (a substantial amount more than Demi), but he refuses to part with it, so it may be heading for a public court battle.

“They still haven’t reached an agreement over money, because Ashton earned substantially more during the final years of their marriage,” a source tells The New York Post.

Demi’s heart was broken and publicly embarrassed by Ashton, so the least he can do is fork over some cash – all that alleged plastic surgery isn’t cheap, you know!

The Post adds that both Lawyers are “trying to negotiate a settlement out of court and out of the public eye.”  However, if Ashton keep fighting this it could “drag on for much longer and the discussion could boil over into a public court battle,” claims a source.

Perhaps, if Ashton, 34, wasn’t so quick to hook up with new, fresh women, like Mila Kunis, Demi, 49, wouldn’t be so eager to reap revenge on his bank account.  Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.


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  • Sarah Phelps48

    Surely you meant $2.4 million per episode…

    • CelebrityPop

      Thanks Sarah! It should have read $24 million per season!