Jenna Wolfe “Upset” at Weekend Today Demotion as Erica Hill is Promoted to Co-Host

Jenna Wolfe’s demotion from co-host to news reader is a real kick to the chicklets.  She’s been replaced by Erica Hill who will take the co-host seat beside, Lester Holt, on Weekend Today.

“After NBC confirmed last week that Erica had been hired as the new co-host, Jenna was told she was being moved to being the news anchor,” a show insider tells Radar Online. “This is a huge step backwards for Jenna, and she is obviously extremely upset about it. Jenna doesn’t understand why she was essentially kicked to the curb. Jenna doesn’t harbor any bad feelings towards Erica, but she is upset with how the network has treated her.”

However, this question shouldn’t be on Jenna’s lips as the show reports Erica “has been an immediate hit with the Weekend Today family and crew. Erica is being embraced by everyone, and the crew respects her tremendously. Erica is a true professional and one thing that makes her an amazing journalist is that she works with her producers and welcomes feedback. Erica was credited for humanizing Anderson Cooper with her down to earth humor and outgoing personality when she worked with him on his CNN program. She just brings out the best in people naturally,” the source says.

Sounds to me like Jenna, 38, may not have gotten along with her co-workers or had been as personable as the new Erica is.  Too bad for her, but the news can be exciting, too! Okay, not really.


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  • Dee

    No I will not miss Jenna,  Not at all.  Jenna and Lester just didn’t click.  Jenna tried to be funny in a not funny way.  She just tried to hard and it never really worked.   

  • Jen837

    yes  i will miss jenna in co-host role

  • MrGoodKat

    Jenna is unbearable, unwatchable and unlistenable. And her narcissistic way of making ever story about herself sucks. He she ever got hired s beyond me. She should he been fired completely – as a news reader she’s just as bad, has terrible segues and she us in 80 pounds of air between her lines. She sucks.

  • Tinagibson

    No!!!!!   She is a camara hog!

  • rumrunner

    I like Jenna and I also like Erica.  I hope they can figure out a way to work together since they work with the best in Lester Holt!!

  • Vsassi

    Yes, I will miss her. I think she is bright, strong and so very funny..she always make me smile..

  • Kikianderson

    Christmas has come early for me! I have detested Jenna Wolfe for years and stopped watching Weekend Today because of her even though I am a loyal Today viewer. Jenna comes across as a smart aleck know it all, and is quick to make everything “all about her”. Way to much me, me, me! I wonder if she will find a way to insert herself in news stories? I hope this demotion to newsreader is Today’s way of easing her off the show completely. I look forward to coming back to Weekend Today.

  • LEK

    So sad about Jenna Wolfe. It is clear she is angry and thereby ineffective at her new boring “news reader” job. Give me a break. She was a breath of fresh air on weekend mornings. Not EVERY day has to be serious. I LOVED her incredible sense of self. She added a great deal to the news. Now it feels a little bit too serious. Come on! I work hard all week! Jenna’s personality aside the beloved Lester Holt made the news for me!

  • Cronkite

    Saw her on air today — she sucks even more now than a year ago when I first saw her and saw how much she sucked then.