Josh Elliott’s ‘Major Issues With Women’ Causing Drama at GMA!

Good Morning America’s, Josh Elliott, 41, has some unresolved issues about women stemming from his upbringing according to a new report.

A source tells Radar Online: “Josh had a difficult childhood and as a result, has trust issues with females.”

Whether his mom didn’t hug him enough or not, it’s creating some friction with GMA’s, Lara Spencer.  “Josh is extremely insecure and needs constant validation from everyone around him about how wonderful he is and what a great job he is doing. Josh doesn’t get along with Lara Spencer at all, and the two have had multiple fights over trivial issues about how stories are covered. The only female Josh hasn’t fought with is Robin Roberts, because he respects her for her previous work at ESPN.”

The sad thing is “Josh does have a daughter from his former marriage to Priya Narang Elliott, and that relationship ended in divorce. Josh is high maintenance, and if viewers could see what he was like off the air, people would be truly shocked.”

However, as far as rumors go that Josh and George Stephanopoulos are at each others throats, “that is just absolutely false. There are no issues between Josh and George.”


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