New Jill Kelley PHOTOS! Plus Sexy Emails With General John R. Allen & Financial Problems Revealed!

Oh Dear! Must say this sex scandal which began with General David Petraeus stepping down from his job after an affair, has officially turned into a soap opera! Or better yet, a juicy telanovela.

The latest twists, and trust – there has been a ton, is now the revelation that the other “other” woman involved in the case, Jill Kelley, might have actually, all allegedly of course, being carrying on with an inappropriate relationship with another high ranking military official! Wow to the zers.

If you recall, Mistress #1 Paula Broadwell, 40, lost her marbles and sent Jill, 37, threatening emails after she suspected she was a threat to her relationship with the married Petraeus.

Fast forward to today and Tampa Bay “socialite” Jill has now been linked with General John R. Allen after the Washington Post reported the FBI investigation uncovered about 20,000 to 30,000 pages of email exchanges between the two. Err, I take it these people haven’t heard of that awesome invention called text messaging!

The Washington Post adds that the emails were exchanged between 2010 to 2012. For the time being, General Allen, 58, the commander of U.S. And NATO troops in Afghanistan, still gets to keep his job while the investigation continues.

As for the details of the emails, FOX News is reporting this morning that they were indeed very sexual in nature. You don’t say!

While one senior defense official described the exchanges between Allen and Jill as “flirtatious,” two U.S. officials later told Fox News that Allen’s emails with Jill was without a doubt more than just flirting, with one official describing some of the emails as sexually explicit and the “equivalent of phone sex over email.” Ai ya ya.

By the way Jill is married to Dr. Scott Kelley and the couple has three kids together. Also married is General Allen, 58. Photos of him with his wife Kathy Allen are below.

And finally, more details are now coming out about Jill’s finances, and it ain’t pretty! According to a report by the NY Daily News, the home Jill shares with her husband Dr. Kelley has been in foreclosure since 2010. Court records reveal that in March of 2010, Bank of America claimed the Kelleys hadn’t paid their mortgage since September 2009.

According to the bank, the couple owed $328,338 on their home valued at $1,837,571.

The house remains in the foreclosure process, with the most recent motion filing dated on Oct. 12. Another property owned by the Tampa Bay couple is also in foreclosure with Central Bank claiming the couple owes $2.2 million on that home.

The financial problems doesn’t end with unpaid mortgages unfortunately as in 2010, Chase Bank sued the Kelleys for failure to pay a $25,088.56 debt on a revolving credit account. The case was voluntarily dismissed by the bank a year later. This is in addition to a lawsuit filed by Regions over the Kelleys owing $253,437.31 in unpaid credit card bills.

Jill or Scott Kelley have been sued at least nine lawsuits since they moved to Florida, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

As for Jill’s “occupation,” it’s now being revealed that she doesn’t really work for the government but is rather just an unpaid party planner/alleged social climber/alleged military groupie.

“She turns heads,” an anonymous friend of the Kelleys told the Daily Mail.  “At the parties she would flirt with all the senior military guys. She’s touchy-feely. Her hands would be on their arms. She was attentive. It’s not hard to see why she had some guys under her spell.”

In the meantime, below are more photos of Jill!


Jill Kelley with David Petraeus


Jill with her husband Dr. Scott Kelley





Jill Kelley with Petraeus' daugher Anne Petraeus and Holly Petraues

General John Allen with his wife Kathy

[Photos Credit: Tampa Bay Magazine, NY Daily News]

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