REVIEW – Breaking Dawn Part 2 Concludes Twilight On a High Note

While non Twilight fans will condemn Breaking Dawn- Part 2 for its campiness, and just in general, fans of the series will love the conclusion of the top grossing franchise.

The film picks up right where Breaking Dawn- Part 1 left off, with Bella opening her eyes to a brand new vampiric world.  The scenes that follow Bella’s awakening are a bit on the cheesy side, but it does get a lot more fun from there.

Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan finally seems to come alive in her role as a newborn vampire, though there are a few too bitchy moments, while the rest of the regular cast gave their usual reliable performances.  The new cast of vampires range from entertaining to boring, but I don’t blame the actors for that, it’s more that their roles were small.  The standout actor was definitely Michael Sheen as Aro, giving an almost over the top creepy performance that worked perfectly for the conclusion of the film.

The best part of the movie comes at the end with an epic battle scene that will have Twi-hard fans clutching the edge of their seats. The insanely grisly fight scene is one that even Twi-haters will enjoy-  let’s just say that some vampires are left a head shorter than they started out with.    The battle is where the film separates itself most from the book and was a fantastically well executed addition to the storyline.  Right when you think all is lost, the film saves us with its sick sense of humor.

Breaking Dawn 2 has something for every fan- romance, hilarious moments, sweet moments, a barely clothed Jacob, excitement, gore,  and is just a lot of freakish fun to watch.  Definitely the best movie of the series and a great way to close the book on our love affair with the Cullens.


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