Twilight Breaking Dawn 2 Is No. 1 at Box Office With $141 Million Debut!

twilight-breaking-dawn-part-2The Dawn is finally here! Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2, has blissfully debuted and what a debut it was!

According to Box Office Mojo, as of Sunday the heart-pounding movie series last installment brought in an astounding $141.3 million domestically while a measly $199.6 million was added overseas. Enough for the birth of a sixth movie? Let the rumors begin!

Although Skyfall, the latest Bond adventure, was bitten hard by the vampires, it still made second place with a very hearty haul of $41.5 million. So far, the non-stop action blitz has pulled in $161.3 million in just two weeks.

Steven Spielberg’s civil war flick, Lincoln, starring Daniel Day-Lewis, brought in an estimated $22.4 million to take third, while Walt Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph secured the fourth position with $18.3 million.

Last, but not least, fifth place went to Denzel Washington’s Flight, which managed to pull in another $8.6 million, letting viewers know that he can still land a plane in Hollywood.

The Box Office top 5 chart is below with the total domestic gross to date in brackets.

1) Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 – $141.3 million

2)  SkyFall – $41.5 million ($669.2 million)

3)  Lincoln – $22.4 million (opened)

4)  Wreck-It Ralph – $18.3 million ($157.2 million)

5) Flight – $8.1 million ($63.4 million)



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