Hope Solo Denies Allegations That Husband Jerramy Stevens Abused Her

Soccer star Hope Solo is denying allegations that her hubby, former NFL player, Jerramy Stevens hit her on the day before their wedding.  Jerramy was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence following an altercation at a party in Washington two weeks ago, where police found Hope with a laceration on her elbow.

Yes, she still married him after that.

Yesterday Hope posted a picture of her and her Jerramy on her Whosay page looking every part the happily wedded couple with a caption reading; “My beautiful husband & i happy as can be! Let me set the record straight!!! Jerramy has NEVER treated me poorly! The truth always prevails!”

Even so, Jerramy found himself locked up in a Tampa, FL jail due to a parole violation.  Police say that his arrest at the party violated his parole.   Jerramy was released, but will still have to face future hearings.

“It was dismissed in Washington and it was dismissed here,” Jerramy’s lawyer Mark O’Brien said.  “Look, he’s a former NFL player and he’s married to the goaltender of the U.S. national soccer team.  There’s a certain amount of notoriety that goes along with that. Plus, it’s no secret that he has been dogged by allegations of criminal misconduct in his past,” he continued.

So did Jerramy really not hit Hope?  Or is she just scared to admit it?  (Which is what it sounds like.) The truth does indeed always prevail, so lets hope this truth isn’t of the wife beating variety.

See another pic of the “happy” couple:

Hope Solo With Husband Jerramy Stevens


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