Katt Williams Arrested For Assault; Slaps Target Employee & Involved In Police Chase

To say that comedian Katt Williams lost his damn mind would be an understatement.

This past Sunday Katt, 39, not only led the police in a 3 wheeled car chase, he also slapped an employee of a Target store in California.

The whole thing got weird when police spotted Katt driving a bizarre three wheeled motorcycle on the sidewalks of Sacramento, CA.   When they attempted to pull him over Katt took off, at times even driving on the wrong side of the road, and allegedly told police; “I’m not going to stop!”  The chase lasted several minutes, but police eventually called it off for the safety of the public.

Katt, who is reportedly being managed by the always upstanding citizen Suge Knight, then moseyed on over to a local Target where he exchanged a few words with a male employee, and then proceeded to slap the guy in the face.   A video of the assault, posted exclusively by TMZ, shows the employee as being calm and non-threatening throughout the entire incident, even after he was bitch slapped.  Instead of Karate chopping Katt, the employee whipped out his cell phone and called the cops, at which time Katt jumped into his getaway vehicle, a store owned electric cart, and fled the scene.

Katt’s reign of terror didn’t end there.  Following the Target episode, Katt did what any idiotic criminal would do- he went in search of more trouble.  In a scene right out of a made for TV movie, Katt went to the World Sports Bar where he attempted to threaten the manager with a pool cue.  At some point he followed a family out of the bar and threw a cigarette in a woman’s face, and then threw a rock through the family’s car window.  One of the passengers in the car was an eight year old girl.  That evening Katt was arrested and taken, uncooperatively, to jail.  He was released on bail the following day.

Video of Katt’s Target getaway:


[Photo Credit: PR Photos]


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