Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubrey Settled Custody to Avoid Psych Tests; Plus Olivier Wants to Move to France

Halle Berry and ex Gabriel Aubrey shocked many when they quickly reached a custody deal, you know, just days after Halle’s current fiance Olivier Martinez mercilessly beat up Gabriel.  Halle had alleged Gabriel started the fight when he came to drop off their four-year old daughter, Nahla, on Thanksgiving day.

So what gives? Why did both sides quicly cave in, drop their respective restraining orders after striking a deal just a few days later? Well according to FOX News, there’s very good reason.

Sources close to the former couple reveal they pretty much struck the deal because neither side wanted to endure court appointed psych tests. Wowzers.

“The deal allows them to share custody for now and avoid the psych tests etc. But the next time something happens they could both loose temporary custody, so it is a risky deal,” explains a source. “But also Aubry does have a criminal liability (stemming from the Thanksgiving Day fight) and he doesn’t want to lose the $20,000 a month he gets from Halle (in child support) so he was motivated to strike a deal as well.”

Meanwhile Radar Online is reporting the real reason Halle petioned the courts to allow her to move to France with Nahla was not because she believed Gabriel was a bad father, but more so because Olivier is desperate to move back to his native country!

“The main reason that Halle wanted to uproot Nahla from Southern California, where her father, Gabriel Aubry, currently lives, is because Olivier doesn’t want America to be his primary residence anymore,” a source close to the situation states.

“Olivier’s family and friends all live in France and he is desperate to move back there. Yes, Halle did like the fact that France has strict privacy laws that govern the press, but that wasn’t the reason for the proposed move. The judge overseeing the custody dispute between Halle and Gabe didn’t think it was in Nahla’s best interest for her to be moved halfway around the world to a foreign country, mainly because contact with her father would have drastically cut.”

Either way, Nahla won’t be needing her passport anytime soon. And the psych test couldn’t hurt the adults involved either.

[Photos Credit: PR Photos]


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