Lindsay Lohan Is Broke! Can Barely Afford To Pay Her Rent

Guess who’s this close to becoming homeless?

If you guessed Lindsay Lohan you’d be half right.

According to TMZ, Lindsay, whose net worth is probably $0 right now, can no longer afford to pay the $8,000 a month rent of her Beverly Hills home, but she can’t afford to move out either.

Lindsay signed the lease on her home last February, back when she thought she would still have an acting career be making good money, but now that the IRS has seized her accounts, and life basically sucks, she has had to go as far as turning to friends for loans.

Being friends with Lindsay Lohan sure does seem like a drag.

Apparently Lindsay did try to get out of the lease, but the owners of the home said the penalty for breaking contract would be “massive.”

Lindsay has told friends she will be looking for a place in New York after the lease runs out next year.  God save the New York pedestrians.


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