See Nancy Lanza PHOTOS, Taught Son Adam Lanza How To Shoot & Owned Many Guns


As the days go by since the tragic and shocking murders of children who had yet to truly begin their lives, more reports are coming in which may answer some of the questions on the mind of every parent, child, and society as a whole.

MailOnline is reporting that mother of mass murderer Adam Lanza was a “survivalist” who owned many guns while prepping for the collapse of the economy, and is also responsible for Adam’s gun training.

Marsha Lanza, sister of Nancy Lanza, said that Nancy: “was stockpiling food,” and that she and Nancy often spoke about preparing themselves for the “economic collapse.”

Nancy was reportedly “hoarding food and water,” and fearing that the financial collapse of the country would mark the end of “civilized” society, became “obsessed with guns.”  The 52-year-old mother legally purchased five firearms, registered in her home state of Connecticut; “I think she had the guns for self-defense because she lived alone,” continued Marsha.  Marsha referred to Nancy as being meticulous and not one to ever “leave the guns out.”

Speaking to the New York Daily News, Dan Holmes, owner of the landscaping firm Holmes Fine Gardens, said that Nancy had showed off a “high-end rifle” she had purchased and “was very proud of it.”  Dan also remembered Nancy telling him that she would often take her children target shooting; “She loved her guns,” Dan also explained.

In a terrible twist of fate, Adam used that target practice, and his mother’s own gun, to kill Nancy as she laid in bed Friday morning, before driving to Sandy Hook Elementary School, armed with more of his mother’s weapons, and murdering twenty-six people, most of them just children, and then turning the gun on himself.

Reports suggested that Nancy had been a teacher at the school, but this past Saturday, Newtown Superintendent of Schools Janet Robinson said she had “never met” Nancy and that she was not in the school database as a staff member.

So was Nancy aware of her sons issues?  According to Marsha, Adam “was raised by nurturing parents who would not have  hesitated  to seek mental help for him if he needed it.”  She goes on to say that if Adam needed counseling: “Nancy wasn’t one to deny reality.”

Adam’s father Peter Lanza divorced Nancy in 2009 citing ‘irreconcilable differences.  He now lives in Stamford, CT with his new wife.  Peter found out about Nancy’s murder and the mass murders Adam committed via a reporter for the Stamford Advocate.

It is as yet unknown whether Adam shared his mother’s views on the “end of the civilized” world, and his motive for the horrific murders of innocent children and adults alike remains unclear.


Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza when he was younger


Another shot of Adam's mother Nancy Lanza



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