Lindsay Lohan’s New Rock Bottom – Is She Doing Bar Mitzvahs and Weddings?

There are conflicting reports going around on whether or not Lindsay Lohan was being rented out to thirteen year old boys.

Well, it’s not quite like that-

Page 6 reported a few days ago that they received an email from 123Talent with the subject line reading “Book One of Hollywood’s Biggest Movie Stars Lindsay Lohan Now!”  The email pitch goes on to say that they could now request Lindsay’s presence at any event or venue, Bar Mitzvah’s, weddings; you get the picture, for an undisclosed fee.

The email goes on to say that: “Not only is Lindsay an Actress but she is also a Fashion Designer, Model and Recording Artist,” and lists all of Lindsay’s film and television credits.  They do not say exactly what Lindsay will do at your event/venue, though I suspect getting trashed and slapping a guest upside the head would be a huge possibility.

This email could be easily believed considering Lindsay’s money woes of late- Accounts frozen by the IRS, legal fines, etc.  However, “sources,” probably Lindsay herself, that spoke to TMZ are saying that “her career hasn’t sunk so low that she’d be forced to do anything like a Bar Mitzvah or a wedding,” for cash.

The “source” adds that she “NEVER signed a deal with 123 Talent and never agreed to let them represent her in any way,” making the whole email pitch out to be completely faked by 123Talent.  But 123Talent’s CEO tells TMZ, not so fast, the pitch was legit, but “Unfortunately, we are not working with Lindsay Lohan.
So to get this straight- Lindsay may have had the opportunity to make some money, was embarrassed as she still thinks she’s some superstar, and changed her mind?  Sounds about right.

I say, at this point, get it where you can Lindsay.

[Photo Credit- PR Photos]


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