PHOTOS – Jessica Simpson Attends CaCee Cobb’s Wedding! Talks To Dad Joe Simpson

Jessica Simpson showed the first glimpses of a baby bump at the December 15th wedding of best friend CaCee Cobb and Donald Faison.

Jessica, 32, wore a long black gown and “was very social, making the rounds and talking to everyone,” a witness told Us Weekly. Jessica was also observed avoiding the bar.

Though Jessica had to keep away from the spirits, food was a different matter entirely and she “wasn’t shy about eating,” the source said. “She reached out to the servers and was sampling everything that came by. She seemed to really like the chicken wings and had a few. Then she went for the fried risotto balls.”  Well obviously- Fried food and Jessica are like bees and honey.  Though I can’t say I blame her.  Fried cotton balls would probably taste delicious.

Anyhow, Jessica eating fried stuff isn’t anything new, apart from the baby bump, the real news came when Joe Simpson, who attended the wedding with his other daughter and Jessica’s sister Ashlee, approached Jess after the ceremony and gave his allegedly estranged daughter a “big hug.”

Jessica had reportedly stopped speaking to her father following the announcement that her parents would be getting divorced, allegedly over Joe’s infidelity, and preference of men to his wife.  According to witnesses, however, things seemed to be okay now between father and daughter; “Jessica talked to him for awhile and there didn’t seem to be any problems.”

Considering Jessica, who tried hiding her pregnant belly with a bouquet of big red flowers, is expecting Joe’s second grandchild from the singer, it’d be nice if a full-on family reconciliation was in the works.

Life & Style magazine also scored the exclusive photos of CaCee’s and Donald’s wedding. Another pic is below!

Donald Faison and CaCee Cobb's Wedding Picture!

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