Matt Lauer’s “Freaked Out” By Name Calling Over Ann Curry’s TODAY Firing!


Matt Lauer is getting more than just a huge, $25 million dollar contract for doing the Today show, he’s also getting called names!

According to TMZ, Matt can’t walk down the streets of Manhattan without someone belittling and berating him for getting Ann Curry kicked off the show.  A source at the network says he’s “miserable” over what he believes are hateful and unfair tirades.  Matt says the harassment is constant, with people screaming things like “You’re a bad guy,”and “You got Ann fired.  Does that make you happy?”

I would think the answer would be ‘Yes’ as part of Matt reportedly demanded TODAY fire Ann before renewing his contract.

Another source stated; “It’s driving him crazy.  He’s so unhappy.”

Oh well.  Poor overpaid Matt may be ”unhappy” but he is under contract with the show, so he can rest assured his bank account will remain intact, even if his reputation is going down the toilet.

[Photo Credit: PR Photos]


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  • Mary Pat

    i DON’T THINK Matt WITH HIS REPUTATION OF A WOMANIZER AND NOW A BACK STABBER deserves to hold a position that he does. Isn’t he an adulter? He seems so arrogant talking about his bank account in another interview.