Angelina Jolie Sex Tape? Brad Pitt Paying $10 Million To Cover It Up!

What do you put that extra $10 million burning a hole in your pocket towards?

If you’re Brad Pitt you use it to cover up the sex tape the mother of your children, in Brad’s case Angelina Jolie,  once made.

At least that’s what the National Enquirer wants us to believe this week; “Brad Pitt is ready to shell out a staggering $10 million to make sure raunchy photos and a rumored sex tape she made never see the light of day,” a source that spoke to the magazine claims.

According to the Enquirer a “slew” of “racy” photos of Angelina have already hit the Internet, and there may be more where those came from.  Some of the pictures go as far as showing Angelina performing acts of self-mutilation.

The source explained that Brad is afraid that his six children could end up scarred, both emotionally and psychologically, if the alleged pictures of their mom were ever to be released to the public.  Brad, 49, is also determined to do “whatever it takes” to not only buy the pictures, but to track down the sex tape in order to protect the image that Angelina has worked to build for herself as a mother and human rights “crusader,” amongst other things.

The source goes on to claim that Brad hired investigators to find “incriminating evidence” in his fiancé’s past, and they informed him that Angelina, 37, did in fact make a sex tape during a “drug-fueled session” in 1999.

“THE ALLEGED TAPE was made around the same time that a friend snapped kinky photos of a strung-out look­ing Angelina.”

The insider then goes on to say that a “reputable agency” is in possession of the photos and Brad is busy trying to locate the amateur photographer who took the pictures of his bride to be; “He’s willing to spend $10 million if he has to,” added the source. “When it comes to Angie and the kids, money is no object.”  I hope vaccinations are also on the “no object” list.

Just reading about this story has left me feeling dirty.  Where does the Enquirer find these creepers?


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