Mila Kunis “Frumpy” Appearance & Weight Gain Turn Off for Ashton Kutcher!

Although Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher seem to be on their way to happy ending, Star magazine is claiming that may not be the case if Mila doesn’t get her act together.

Star reports that when Ashton started dating Mila earlier this year, he thought he’d hit the romantic jackpot – not only was she Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive in 2012, but he’s also been crushing on her ever since their days as costars on That ‘70s Show. However, as the couple’s relationship has grown, so has Mila who has apparently gained close to 50 lbs! Yes, you read that right. And all these changes now has Ashton feeling uneasy about his girlfriend’s transformation.

According to the source, Ashton used to think of Mila as one of the “hottest girls in the world,” but as time has marched on (in general and across her makeup less face) Mila has “totally let herself go,” and looks consistently tired and “frumpy.”

“When Ashton broke up with wife Demi Moore, he was ready to have a relationship with a low maintenance girl, but now he’s saying Mila is TOO low maintenance,” the insider claims. “Demi may have been crazy, but she always made sure to look good for Ashton, whereas Mila acts like she couldn’t care less.”

Maybe dealing with a guy for almost a year who was still technically married has tired the poor girl out?  Ever think of that Ashton??

Apparently not because, according to Star, Ashton gave Mila a $250,000 makeover package as a Christmas gift, which did not amuse her in the slightest; “She told Ashton is he wanted a fake, plastic girl, he should have stayed with Demi. That’s when he snapped and told her, ‘You’re worse than Demi!’”  Ouch and low blow.

So is there any truth to this story?  The fact is Mila has been looking rather, um, well awful in some of her more candid pictures, and some blush and a brush wouldn’t hurt.  However, would Ashton really be giving this woman he allegedly loves such a hard time over a few  sweat pants?  It’s not like he’s exactly the cat’s pajama’s himself … though I’m sure he would say otherwise.

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