Bradley Cooper Is Engaged to Zoe Saldana, Says Report

bradley-cooper-zoe-saldanaThe National Enquirer is claiming that Bradley Cooper proposed to girlfriend Zoe Saldana a few weeks ago and she happily accepted!

“Bradley is telling friends he’s not going to let Zoe slip away this time,” said a close source. “Having lost her once, Bradley is readly to seal the deal on the relationship.”

37-year-old Bradley met 34-year-old Zoe while they were filming the movie The Word.  The couple only dated for three months before splitting up.  However, back in September they got back together and, apparently, things have gotten much more serious since.

Back in May the Enquirer reported that Bradley’s meddling mother was ruining all his relationships.  As most meddling mothers do.  However, she has changed her ways and is actually responsible for Bradley proposing to Zoe; “Gloria world overtime to make it clear to Zoe that Bradley is a changed man and ready to commit,” the source explained.  Bradley relied on his mother so much that he allegedly even sent her to buy the engagement ring because he’s been “so busy.”  Bradley is a mama’s boy.

Anyway, it may be Gloria’s desire to be a grandma that has her working so hard to get her boy married off; “Gloria has been pestering Bradley that she’s desperate to be a grandmother. Zoe won major brownie points with Gloria when she promised that she’d start trying to get pregnant just as soon as Bradley proposed. That set the wheels in motion.”

“Now Gloria and Zoe are bonding over planning the ceremony,” which Bradley is hoping will happen in either late spring or early summer in Philly, where he grew up. “Zoe can’t wait to be Bradley’s bride,” the source confided.

I take anything the Enquirer reports with a grain of salt, as should we all.  I’ll believe it when I see a picture of the ring on Zoe’s finger.

[Photo Credit: PR Photos]


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