Dina Lohan Releases Abuse PHOTOS of Black Eye; Says They Prove Domestic Abuse

Dina Lohan has sold released photographs she says are meant to prove her allegations of abuse at the hands of  Michael Lohan, during their 22-year marriage- and the pictures ain’t pretty.

In two of the disturbing pictures Dina can be seen holding a then baby Lindsay Lohan, while sporting a black eye.  These are the same pictures that Dina told the New York Daily News motivated her to speak up about the domestic abuse in the first place.

Dina has claimed that Lindsay’s out of control behavior can be attributed to the years of domestic violence Michael subjected her to; “Lindsay saw her dad abuse me — that’s why she’s so screwed up,” Dina claimed to the Daily News, also alleging that he raped her once during a drunken rage.

On a separate note- Lindsay looks exactly like the younger version of her mom.

As for Michael, TMZ is reporting that he is now threatening to sue Dina if she doesn’t cease and desist from the domestic violence accusations.

See the pictures below:

Dina Lohan black eye from alleged domestic abuse

Dina Lohan Domestic Violence

Dina Lohan holds a baby Lindsay Lohan with a black eye


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  • http://twitter.com/leipzig1955 Sabine Thoren

    this family is running close second to the kardashians
    scum of the earth – all of em