Jessica Chastain’s Movies Mama & Zero Dark Thirty 1st and 2nd Place At Box Office!

Jessica Chastain rocked the socks off the box office this past weekend- Her two films Mama, and the widely acclaimed Zero Dark Thirty, earned over a combined $45 million.

Mama, which only had a $15 budget, debuted at the top spot earning $28.1 and is projected to earn $33.2 due to Martin Luther King holiday weekend. The horror film, produced by Guillermo del Toro, spooked away its competition with the story of two young girls left to live alone in the woods for five years, after a horrific tragedy, before they are rescued and move in with their uncle and his girlfriend Annabel (Jessica Chastain.)  The couple soon discover that the girls may be haunted by more than memories of their past.

Jessica’s bad-ass thriller, Zero Dark Thirty nabbed second place earning $17.6 million this weekend, which brings the films total gross to over $55 million, surpassing the films $40 million budget.

Oscar nominee Silver Linings Playbook, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, made its way into third place with $11.4 in earnings after expanding nationwide into 2,523 theaters.  It’s no surprise that the movie, which has been out in limited release for ten weeks, is still doing exceptionally well with all the awards buzz surrounding it lately.

Meanwhile, Gangster Squad continues to disappoint  falling to fourth place, and only bringing in $9.1 million this weekend.   Although the numbers are low, the film has managed to regain half of its $60 million budget.

Mark Wahlberg and Russell Crowe’s Broken City didn’t fare that well either finding itself in fifth place with $9 million in earning during its opening weekend.  Pretty bad considering it cost $35 million to even make the movie! The political thriller, based in NYC, follows the story of an ex-cop (Mark Wahlberg) bent on revenge after being framed by the mayor of his city.

The Box Office top 5 chart  is below with the total domestic gross to date in brackets.

1. Mama-  $28.1 million [PROJECTED $33.2 million]

2. Zero Dark Thirty-  $17. 6 million [$55.945 million]

3. Silver Linings Playbook-  $11.4 million [$55.3 million]

4. Gangster Squad-  $9.1 million [$32. 2 million]

5. Broken City- $9 million [NEW]


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