VIDEO: Selena Gomez Performs “Cry Me A River”; Calls Life After Justin Bieber “Weird & Sad”

Selena Gomez may not be as okay with her break-up as she has seemed to be.

During a private concert benefiting UNICEF on Jan. 19, the singer covered an acoustic version of Justin Timberlake’s ‘Cry Me a River’- a song which her ex Justin Bieber also covered a few months ago; “She seemed so angry,” during the performance a source told Us Weekly.

When introducing the song Selena told the audience; “I’ve been through a lot the past few months. It’s been weird and sad and cool.  This song definitely speaks to me.”  Not surprising considering what a cry baby Justin was during the course of their relationship.

Selena was in better spirits prior to her performance while talking to reporters on the red carpet about her girl crush on BFF Taylor Swift; “Taylor is one of the most inspirational, positive, good-hearted people I know,  I met her when she was 18…it was absolutely incredible to see someone so successful and so humble. I think she’s been a big part of me staying who I am, too.”

Taylor Swift a positive role model?  Who knew.

Selena called her role in her new disastrous film Spring Breakers “refreshing” and said it was nice to do things she didn’t think she “could do as an actress.”  The 20-year-old also says that now that’s she’s older, things will be changing; “I’m a little bit more mouthy [now],” Selena said of her new album. “I’m a little bit older. I’ve got a little more sass. [I'm] telling a lot more, too.”

“Everything happens for a reason,” she cryptically added, “so enjoy every moment.”

See a video of Selena’s performance:

[Photo Credit: PR Photos]


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