Is Bradley Cooper Gay? New Report Speculates On His Sexuality

The National Enquirer is claiming that popular Hollywood blog­ger Nikki Finke has outed Bradley Cooper.

The perpetually wrong tabloid claims that the “Gay Bombshell” was dropped when Nikki allegedly made a statement - and we say allegedly because there is no proof that Nikki ever made this statement- that Bradley and Ryan Seacrest should; “redo their closets,” implying that the two men should step out of the gay closet already.

The Enquirer claims that an “insider” told them; “The rumors about Bradley are swirling again.  He’s been able to laugh them off in the past, but this latest one comes right when he’s on the verge of be­coming one of Hollywood’s biggest stars and is campaigning for an Oscar.”  Funny how the Enquirer has posted this attack story at a time when Bradley is getting tons of attention.

“Now the floodgates have opened, and people in Hollywood are once again wondering, ‘Is he or isn’t he?’ Bradley believes the cruel rumor could damage his leading man sta­tus,” the “insider” continued.

The tabloid also touches on the rumors which claim that Bradley’s 4-month marriage to actress Jennifer Esposito ended because she caught him bed with another man.  Bradley has stated before that things just weren’t right between them.

Meanwhile, rumors had been going around that perhaps Bradley and Silver Linings Playbook co-star, Jennifer Lawrence, had a thing, but Bradley put the kibosh on that also; “Not even close,” Bradley told a reporter. “We’ve done two movies together. If it didn’t happen by now, it’s not going to happen.”  During the Golden Globes, Bradley is said to have told Taylor Swift “no thanks” when the young singer, who was probably looking for her next hit single muse, tried hitting on him.

“Bradley always seems to be on the hunt for his next girlfriend,” noted the source. “I’m sure he’d like to get married and finally put the questions about his sexuality to rest.”

[Photo Credit: PR Photos]


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  • Anonymous

    The author of this article states: “Now the floodgates have opened, and people in Hollywood are once again wondering, ‘Is he or isn’t he?’

    Clearly you are making that quote up, or have contempt for your readers, or, have zero sources in Hollywood because no one – I repeat – no one in Hollywood is “wondering” about Bradley’s sexuality because every agent, film executive, and all of Mr. Cooper’s close friends know he is gay. Its like wondering if John Travolta is gay.

    Please stop with these insulting articles. Maybe it works with someone living in the boondocks in the middle of nowhere but the rest of us just roll their eyes at this ridiculous article pretending that you really have no idea.