VIDEO: Manti Te’o Admits To Lying About Hoax After the Fact; Ex-Girlfriend Defends Him

Manti Te’o, the 21-year-old gifted football player who played for Notre Dame and found himself involved in a completely bizarre alleged hoax last year, is continuing to admit that he lied about his ex-girlfriend even after it was revealed that their whole relationship, including the girl herself, was one big farce.

Speaking to Katie Couric, Manti said; “Katie put yourself in my situation, I, my whole world told me that she died on September 12. Everybody knew that. This girl, who I committed myself to, died on September 12,” by way of explanation.  This is at least the second time Manti has admitted to lying about the situation.

The craziness began after it was revealed that Lennay Marie Kekua, the 22-year-old woman whom Manti believed he was having a long distance relationship with, and who allegedly died of leukemia, didn’t actually exist.  Manti had been having a long distance relationship with a woman he believed to be Lennay, after they met in 2009, and claimed to have spent hours on the phone with her while she was hospitalized.  Manti claimed that Lennay had visited him in Hawaii, his home town, when he was there.  However, following her stay at the hospital for injuries sustained during a car accident, Lennay finds herself diagnosed with leukemia and dies in September on the same day that Manti’s grandmother dies from an illness.  The grandmother actually died.

Manti told everyone, including his coaches in Notre Dame about Lennay’s passing, but as it turns out, receives a phone call months later from a woman claiming to be Lennay, alive and well.  Pretty soon it starts to become clear that Manti was being set up and is entangled in an elaborate hoax.   The problem is, after finding this out, Manti still spoke about Lennay as though she was a real person.  As the story unravels we find out that Manti never met Lennay, he lied about her going to Hawaii, and only kept contact via long phone calls and sites like Twitter- and the story gets even worse from there.

It’s now being said that the person behind this entire bizarre situation is actually a man, a man who played the part of Lennay during those lengthy phone calls with the football player.  Ronaiah Tuiasosopo is admitting to have disguised his voice to play the part of Lennay, using pictures of an old classmate to trick Manti.  Speaking to the New York Daily News, Ronaiah’s lawyer said that the hoax was not intended to hurt Manti; “This wasn’t a prank to make fun.  It was establishing a communication with someone. … It was a person with a troubled existence trying to reach out and communicate and have a relationship.”  Ronaiah allegedly had voice training and was able to fool Manti because of it.  Creeped out yet?

Many have also speculated that perhaps Manti is gay and closeted, and was actually in a relationship with Ronaiah. However, all signs point to Manti having truly been deceived by Ronaiah. The jury is still out on Ronaiah’s true sexuality, as it’s extremely unlikely that a straight man would willingly deceive and carry on a relationship with another man, while pretending to be a woman. There are also other reports that Romaiah might have fooled other men with his fake Lennay profile.

You may be thinking that Manti is an idiot, a fool, or a liar, and you’d be right on all accounts, but an actual ex-girlfriend, or at least she says she is, who knows with this case, says that Manti is just a victim of a bad prank, who “genuinely loved” Lennay.  Speaking to People, Alexandra del Pilar, says that she “cried” and felt “completely sorry” when Manti told her about the hoax.  Alexandra describes Manti is a kind guy with a big heart.  And lacking in the smart department. 

See video from Manti’s interview with Katie Couric:

Manti Te’o Interview W/Katie Couric



Ronaiah Tuiasosopo is reportedly the person who deceived Manti Te'O with the fake Lennay Profile




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