Are John Mayer and Katy Perry Engaged?

Is serial douchebag womanizer John Mayer ready to settle down with Katy Perry?

That’s what a source that spoke to Star magazine is claiming; “Although John really wanted to present Katy with an engagement ring over Christmas, he hasn’t found the perfect one yet.  But he spent the holidays with Katy’s family and took her dad, Keith, aside to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage.”  According to the source, Katy’s father actually gave him their blessing … which either makes him the worst dad ever … or he’s unaware of John’s rep.  Which I can’t see being possible.

The source says that it didn’t really matter whether or not Katy’s dad said okay, Katy was already planning on being Mrs. John Mayer; “Katy’s been telling everyone they’re getting married,” the source revealed. “All her friends are worried she’ll end up heartbroken again, but she keeps saying John is the one.”  Yeah, the one who will leave her heartbroken- again.

However, as gung-ho as Katy’s parents may be about this marriage, Katy’s siblings aren’t quite so blind.  The source alleges that after meeting John during the holidays, Katy’s brother and sister told her to; “give it another six months before committing to marriage.”  Advice Katy doesn’t appear to be taking.  She and John are allegedly shopping for a home of their own, and John is further occupied trying to find the “perfect vintage engagement ring.”

“It’s funny — both of them used to be so wild,” the source concluded, “but now they just spend most nights at home and watching movies. They’re inseparable!”

If this is true, it will be the first marriage for John, and second for Katy, who was married to Russell Brand for fourteen months before the comedian filed for divorce.

[Photos Credit: PR Photos]


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  • Cindy Finch-Mass

    They are perfect together, and a great source for medical research – evidence that it IS possible to function without any visible signs of intelligence ! What fun to watch Katy Perry continue her serial divorce quest, and choosing John Mayer as the stooge – it doesn’t get any better ! Bwaaaahaaaa……….. :0