Chris Brown and Frank Ocean Fight Over Parking Spot; Cops Called

Chris Brown and Frank Ocean had a fight last night, and of course, Chris Brown’s groupies are saying Frank started the whole thing.

Be prepared to do a lot of eye-rolling at the version of events described by Chris’ buddies.

Apparently Chris was at Westlake Studio in L.A. listening to some artist that he reps.  Just as Chris was getting ready to leave, Frank Ocean and crew showed up and “blocked” Chris from leaving the studio, and according to a source that is probably terrified of Chris spoke to TMZ, Frank told Chris; “This is my studio, this is my parking spot,” after which Chris tried to shake hands with Frank.

Whoever came up with this story, *cough Chris cough,* should have come up with something more believable.

Anyway, when poor Chris attempted this gesture of peace, one of Frank’s buddies suddenly attacked Chris, for no reason, and a friend of Chris’ then proceeded to jump in front of his master and hit Frank’s guy.  That’s when Frank came at Chris and the two began to fight.

Someone then called the police and Chris fled the scene, I mean was nowhere to be found.  Frank, however, remained at the scene and is being referred to as “the victim,” since he stayed.  Frank told cops that the fight was over a parking spot, and that it was in fact Chris that threw the first punch.  It’s said there were six people involved in the fight, and cops still want to speak to Chris, who is currently still on probation for that time he beat the crap out of Rihanna, although no one has wanted to press charges.

Frank tweeted about the incident, but the usually tweet-happy Chris has yet to be heard from … considering he’s on probation that makes sense.

Frank Ocean tweets about fight w/Chris Brown, wishing his Bernese mountain dog, Everest, had been there.



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