Witnesses Say Chris Brown Started Fight With Frank Ocean; Compares Himself To Jesus

In the least shocking development in a story this week, witnesses to the brawl between Frank Ocean and Chris Brown, which took place at the Westlake Recording Studio, are saying that Chris did in fact throw the first punch.

Was there ever any doubt?

Speaking to TMZ, an eye-witness to the whole idiotic thing said that Chris “lost his cool” when Frank refused to shake his hand in the studio’s parking lot.  Frank only laughed at the gesture and that’s when Chris “coldcocked “the 25-year-old singer.  All hell broke loose then and an “all-out war,” which led into the studio’s lobby, ensued; “They managed to break almost everything in the room and scare all of the staff members working” said the witness

When a receptionist called the police, Chris remembered he had other pressing engagements elsewhere and left the scene.  As stated previously, the fight was allegedly over a parking spot.  Apparently, Chris felt disrespected when Frank grabbed a premium parking spot in the studios lot, which Chris felt was too good for Frank, as the best spots are meant for the “bigger artists,” like himself … because in Chris’ mind he’s actually special.

Meanwhile, as if Chris could get any less likable, the 23-year-old is feeling like Jesus on the cross; “Painting the way I feel today,” Chris incredulously wrote alongside a painting of Jesus hanging on a cross.  “Focus on what matters!” the new spokesperson for martyrs the world over concluded.

See Chris’ Instagram pic:

Chris Brown posts picture on Instagram with caption ”Painting the way I feel today,” following fight with Frank Ocean.


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