Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Asks Lady Gaga For $500,000 Loan; Gaga Says NO!

The National Enquirer is reporting that broke-a** Lindsay Lohan turned to Lady Gaga for a lot of quick cash, but was told hell to the no.

After accepting that $100,000 loan from Charlie Sheen to pay taxes… LiLo’s back pleading with Mega Gaga to pop her that half-mil now! Counting back rent on a BevHills mansion, plus huge legal bills from her string of arrests, insiders estimate she’s on the hook for a whopping $150 million bucks!”

I love how everyone keeps referring to Charlie’s $100k as a “loan.”  Like he’s really going to ever see that cash again.  Also- $150 million??  I know the Enquirer is usually full of it, but considering this is Lindsay they’re talking about, I have to wonder if that number is actually at least slightly accurate.

Any who, the best part of this story is that not only did Gaga deny Lindsay any money; she didn’t even bother to contact Lindsay herself.  She had her people do it for her; “Gaga said that she just can’t help, but gave no explanation. Lindsay was especially hurt Lady G sent the message through one of her people – instead of picking up the phone and telling her directly. Lindsay was really counting on Gaga’s loan to get her back on her feet, but she’ll have to look elsewhere for a bailout.”

Maybe the explanation is that “Lady G” doesn’t want to waste her money on a crack head knows she’ll never see a dime of her money again if she lent it to Lindsay Loan.

But alas, while this story definitely has an air of probability to it, a representative for Gaga claims to Gossip Cop that the Enquirer report is “untrue.”


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