PHOTOS – See Beyonce’s Nose Job Before and After Pictures!

Beyonce Plastic Surgery

There have been a lot of “did she,” or “didn’t she” questions surrounding Beyoncé these days, the latest of which is- did Beyoncé get (another) nose job?

Beyoncé definitely rocked the Super Bowl, but some people, who weren’t mesmerized by her on stage gyrations, noticed there was something a bit different about B … and the difference seemed to be all in the nose.

We’ve all pretty much been under the impression that the singer most certainly had a nose job at some point, and while that’s never been confirmed, pictures don’t lie.  However, Beyoncé’s Super Bowl nose does not appear to be the same nose she had just a few short months ago, when her new fabulous bangs hairstyle was making waves courtside during a Net’s basketball game in November.   In fact, her nose already appeared to be different when she performed at the Presidential Inauguration.

So did Beyoncé have a revision rhinoplasty (second nose job?) Or are her makeup artists’ geniuses?  While the recovery period for a second nose job can be even longer than that of a first surgery, with proper care much of the swelling following the operation could go down within a couple of weeks, so it is at least feasible that Mrs. Carter-Knowles is using more than just make-up tricks to change the look of her schnoz.  Let’s just remember how poorly trying to get the perfect nose turned out for the late, great, Michael Jackson, and hope Beyoncé knows when she’s had too much of a good thing.

Before and After photos of Beyonce's nose job!



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