Chris Brown’s Probation To Be Revoked Over Fake Community Service!


TMZ is reporting that the L.A. County District Attorney has filed legal documents stating that Chris Brown has submitted falsified community service records, which violates his probation.  Not shocking considering the idiot we’re talking about, but what is more surprising is that the Chief of Police in Richmond Virginia, Bryan T. Norwood, may have been in on it.  Chief Norwood wrote a letter to a judge claiming Chris completed 220 days of community service, even though he was only required to complete 180 days for the whole beating up Rihanna thing.  The DA began the investigation after they could find no “credible, competent or verifiable evidence” that Chris actually completed his community service, and even the judge grew suspicious after the records were filed.

Documents submitted claim that Chris worked at the Tappahannock Children’s Center washing windows, waxing floors, picking up trash, and doing other such jobs.  However, the guy that actually waxes the floors at the children’s center says that for the last three years, he is the only one that has done any floor waxing, and admits that the administrator of the center even tried coaching him on what to say to the D.A. investigators, but he refused to lie for Chris.  In fact, another administrator of the center confirms that she never saw Chris perform any work at all.  Work which Chris’ own mother, who was once the director of the center was in charge of directing outside of the normal operating hours.  Oh yes, that’s right, his own mother was overseeing things.

In fact, the times, locations, and list of duties performed by Chris were provided by his mom, and there was no one to say otherwise, as the detective assigned to supervise Chris’ community service was told she did not have to continue monitoring Chris, after only 9 or 10 actual supervised dates.  Now the D.A. is claiming that Chris and the Chief of Police had a relationship prior to his community service stint.

More shocking still is that the floor guy at the center wasn’t the only one who was approached to be coached.  Chris’ own lawyer, Mark Geragos, allegedly instructed the Richmond police department in what to say to the D.A. regarding Chris’s community service.  Mark went as far as to say that a court order was issued to remove Chris’ probation from the probation department and handed over to the chief of police.  According to TMZ no such court order exists.  The DA wants the judge to reject the community service hours and have Chris actually work the hours in L.A.

Now the ambulance chaser, I mean Mark, is saying that the move to revoke Chris’ probation is “shameful and a disgrace.”  Funny words coming from the guy defending Chris Brown.  Meanwhile, the D.A. calls the forged documentation “at best sloppy … and at worst fraudulent reporting.”

Sources confirm that there is no way Chris actually fulfilled his hours, as he was often out of town touring.

[Photo Credit: PR Photos]


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