REPORT – Justin Bieber Cheated On Selena Gomez With Rihanna!

In some of the strangest news I’ve heard to date, Life & Style magazine is reporting that Selena Gomez dumped Justin Bieber, once and for all, because he cheated on her with, get this, Rihanna.

That’s right.  A source they are calling a friend of the ex-couple says that Selena found out Justin had cheated on her with Rihanna after they had already established a relationship, and were supposedly head over heels for each other.

“It has devastated her,” the source explained.  “It really cut like a knife because it happened in February of 2011, when Selena and Justin had been dating for months and were falling in love. It’s caused Selena to question their entire relationship.”

The alleged Justin-Rihanna hook up happened after a basketball game in L.A., but it didn’t end there.  A source tells the magazine that Rihanna was having sexy times with the Biebs as recently as last November, when they were both in NYC taping the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show; “During breaks, they’d sneak away to the Hotel Giraffe.  They were alone — their security made sure of it. Hotel staff blocked off the entire floor for them.”

Though reps for Justin say that nothing “physical” actually happened between him and RiRi, Selena is now questioning their entire relationship; “Selena thinks maybe they’ve been hooking up all along,” the friend said.  Meanwhile, in spite of these allegations Justin’s “pal” says that the 18-year-old singer won’t ever fess up; “Justin would never admit to it; he would never tell anyone he messed around with Rihanna.”  No, but his friends would.

Justin better hope Chris Brown doesn’t read Life & Style with his morning pot.


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