Anne Hathaway Had a Hissy “Fit” Over Amanda Seyfried’s Oscars Gown

Anne Hathaway was not very supportive of Amanda Seyfried’s choice in Oscar wear, a source told Us Weekly.

During Saturday rehearsals for the Academy Awards show performances, Anne, 30, discovered that Amanda, 27, planned on wearing an Alexander McQueen gown to the Academy Awards, which closely resembled the Valentino she had picked out for the big event.  When Anne asked Amanda about the gown, Amanda gave her Les Miserables co-star a sneak preview of her gown via an iPhone picture.

And that’s when things got ugly.

“Anne was like ‘WTF?!’” the source explained to Us Weekly. “She started throwing a fit!”  To her credit, if you can even call it that, Anne “never told Amanda she had to change the dress.”   Though Anne did not demand that the younger actress find a new gown to wear, Amanda wasn’t in the mood to listen to any of Anne’s rant and proceeded to leave the rehearsal instead.

The following day, the day of the actual awards ceremony, Anne allegedly kept her beauty team waiting, while she “fretted” over what to wear now that her Valentino was out of the running; “Anne made the fashion, make up, hair, and jewelry teams wait at her home for hours as she decided what to do about the dress debacle,” another source told Us.

The whiny diva actress did acknowledge the big dress fiasco of 2013 in a statement released by her mouthpiece; “It came to my attention late Saturday night that there would be a dress worn to the Oscars that is remarkably similar to the Valentino I had intended to wear, and so I decided it was best for all involved to change my plans.  Though I love the dress I did wear, it was a difficult last-minute decision as I had so looked forward to wearing Valentino in honor of the deep and meaningful relationship I have enjoyed with the house and with Valentino himself. I deeply regret any disappointment caused.”

And I’m sorry I showed you all my nipples in the dress I did wear, she should have concluded.

[Photo Credit: PR Photos]


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