PHOTOS: Celebrity Twitter Pictures Roundup For March 3rd!

We all know that celebrities are total hams, and this week we are pleased to bring you a roundup of the best, hottest, silliest, and WTF celebrity tweeted pictures!

In this week’s Celebrity Twitter Photos, we see Salma Hayek photo bombing her own pic, as well as other hysterical celeb photo bombs. Also 50 Cent is on the prowl again, John Stamos and John Travolta look dapper for the camera, Sophia Bush gets on her hands and knees for the paparazzi, Beyoncé under construction, and much more!


Modern Family’s, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, caught on camera in the funniest photo-bomb of the week.  His two unsuspecting victims, Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr, are completely oblivious to the high jinx behind them.  ”Orlando!!!!!!” Jesse captioned the hilarious photo.  


David Spade got double the fun when he nabbed this picture of two Salma Hayek’s following the Academy Awards.  ”Funny one from last nite” he posted on his Instagram page.

Actress Megan Hilty photo bombed co-star Debra Messing’s self-portrait.  ”the BEST PHOTOBOMB of the day at. #smsh!! #creepy#sneaky” Debra posted on her Instagram account.

After being rejected by Erin Andrews, 50 Cent found a new object for his lips to land on.  “On a kiss campaign beautiful journalist only. lol,” 50 wrote on his Twitter page following his successful smooching of Fox News’ reporter Lisa Evers.

Actress Sophia Bush gave paparazzi a show during a fitting at a clothing store.  Instead of being annoyed by their voyeurism, Sophia clowned around putting up peace signs as she smiled for the camera.  ”Me and the #boys. @reformationx#refnation #boysclub,” Sophia tweeted.

John Stamos channeled Danny Zuko when he captioned this picture with John Travolta; ”That’s cool baby, you know how it is, rockin’ , and rollin’, and what not,” Stamos wrote on his Instagram account.

Even when visiting a work site Beyoncé finds time to look fierce for the camera.

After winning the award for “Best Song” at the Academy Awards, Adele went backstage to put her John Hancock on the winners poster.   “Adele signs the winners poster #oscars #adele”  The Academy tweeted.

Rihanna looking like a hot mess in a picture she captioned; “Oh really? Is that so?”  Yes, it’s so, this is a bad, bad pic.

Ryan Seacrest and Demi Lovato clowned around for the camera.  ”Always impressed by this one.@ddlovato,” Ryan posted on his Instagram.

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