Keri Hilson Has Twitter Meltdown Following “Years Of Verbal Abuse” From Beyonce Fans

Singer Keri Hilson had a complete meltdown on Twitter after Beyoncé fans verbally bashed her following a tweet she posted.

The drama started for Keri several years ago, 2008 to be precise, when Beyoncé fans, or as they’re better known the “BeyHive,” bee-lieved that Keri, 30, was bashing their Queen B in her “Turning Me On” remix song. The lyrics in question are below -

“Your vision cloudy if you think that you da best,” so Keri sings to the lines which reportedly diss Beyonce and Ciara. “You can dance/she can sing but need to move it to the le…(Don’t do it to ‘em shawty!)/She need to go have some babies/she need to sit down she fake/Them other chicks ain’t even worth talkin bout…”

Though it’s been years since that song was released, and reports claim that Keri wasn’t actually taking shots at Beyoncé, but at singer Ciara, Beyoncé’s more, um, adamant, fans won’t let it go, because they’re effing crazy, and have taken to harassing Keri whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Which it did yesterday following this tweet posted by Keri:

Bey’s fans automatically took this one tweet as an assault on their haloed one, and proceeded to slam Keri with insults about her and her music.

When Keri realized the verbal bashing wasn’t going to stop she cracked:

Keri’s pleas didn’t end there.  The singer tried to explain the impact this kind of harassment has on a person, tweeting:

Keri then concluded by saying that her mistakes have already been dealt with … by God.

Yeah, things didn’t get much better from there.  However, Keri decided to brush the incident off … eventually … and tweeted that she is “at peace, truly happy,” and that “the best is yet to come.”

[Photo Credit: PR Photos/Keri Hilson Twitter]


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