Jennifer Lawrence’s Family “Worried” About Her Secret Wild Life of Drugs, Booze, & Strip Clubs

After a grueling Oscar campaign schedule, Best Actress winner Jennifer Lawrence, headed to Hawaii to reshoot some scenes for upcoming film, Catching Fire, and some much needed r&r.

And that’s where paparazzi caught her, using long-range lenses, puffing on what appeared to be a large joint near the balcony of her hotel room.

The actress was also seen “drinking wine and dancing around like crazy,” according to a witness that spoke to Star magazine.   How scandalous!  A young person drinking and dancing … imagine that.

The “scandal” doesn’t end there, however.  Sources also say that Jennifer was getting pretty “hot and heavy” with a female friend.  A member of the hotel staff even said that she was spotted “holding hands” and being “very touchy-feely,” with the unidentified female, who may actually be the girlfriend of Jennifer’s brother.

After drinking wine all day, and doing tequila shots at the hotel bar later on that night, Jennifer and a group of friends, including Hunger Games co-star, Jeffrey Wright, headed over to a strip club where Jennifer was again seen holding hands and “whispering” in the ear of her gal pal.  “But they both looked kind of uncomfortable and bounced after about five minutes,” a witness at the strip club revealed.

Um, Jennifer was probably holding her friend’s hand so she didn’t have to touch anything in the strip joint, and whispering how much she wanted to get out of there.

A source “close” to the 22-year-old Oscar winner’s family claims that Jennifer’s close ones are now “worried” about her partying ways, and fear that her sudden fame may be too much for her to handle; . “She’s just a young girl and feels overwhelmed,” the source explained.  Apparently she’s so overwhelmed that she’s even admitted that she’s taken on too much and is starting to feel a bit depressed, saying “I just want to sit on my couch and drink and not change my pants for days at a time.”

“She’s a tough girl, but the pressures of Hollywood can take their toll on anyone,” the family “friend” concluded.

Me thinks Jennifer is just having a good time … and that people shouldn’t be peeping into anyone’s hotel room.

[Photo Credit: PR Photos]


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