PHOTOS: Celebrity Twitter Pictures Roundup For March 9th!

We all know that celebrities are total hams, and this week we are pleased to bring you a roundup of the best, hottest, silliest, and WTF celebrity tweeted pictures!

In this week’s Celebrity Twitter Photos, we see Taylor Swift‘s playful side, Miranda Kerr‘s wet-and-wild side, Justin Timberlake‘s latest announcement, and way too much of fame-seeker Courtney Stodden (what else is new?)  Plus Ashley Benson shares a shot from her latest film, Spring Breakers, Steve Martin posts a picture of Saturday Night Live‘s “Five-Timer Club,” and much more!

Justin Timberlake announced that he’s hosting Saturday Night Live with this picture and a simple “Yup,” posted to his Instagram.  This will be the fifth time Justin hosts SNL.


Taylor Swift posted this cute picture of herself playing a mini piano on her Instagram, with the caption: “Had a photo shoot. Found a tiny piano. Had a tiny jam session.”

Courtney Stodden posted this way too up close picture of herself to her Twitter account, humbly adding the caption: “Working out my tight tummy this afternoon :-D

Jamie Lynn Spears announced her engagement to Jamie Watson, tweeting, “Guesssss what??????” with a link to this picture.

Jamie Lynn then posted this picture of her beautiful engagement ring, with a happy tweet; “:) #hedidgood

Spring Breaker’s, Ashley Benson, posted this sexy shot from the movie.  That’s Vanessa Hudgensin the background.

Steve Martin posted this picture along with the funny caption: “Where are they now? Why, right here.”  That’s Dan Ackroyd, Tom Hanks, Chevy Chase, Martin Short, and Paul Simon with him.  Will these members of Saturday Night Live’s ”Five-timers club” (you can only be a member if you’ve hosted the show at least five times) be making guest appearances to commemorate Justin Timberlake’s inclusion to the club later tonight?  We can only hope!

Orlando Bloom‘s honey, Miranda Kerr, wasn’t shy about being photographed topless, while having fun in the waves;  ”You’re the best @chriscolls @koraorganicsbymk #purenature #freespirit,” Miranda posted alongside this photo.

“When at Charlie Sheen brings an at Charley Sheen wig to at work; it’s gonna be an at goooooooood day my at friends c,” Charlie Sheen posted to his Twitter, and yeah, I dunno what he’s saying either.

Justin Bieber posted this picture to his Instagram, following his collapse during a concert in London earlier this week. “Gettin better listening to Janice Joplin,” stated Justin.

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