PHOTOS – NFL Player Kerry Rhodes Outed As Gay By Ex-Boyfriend Russell Simmons!

They say there is nothing worse than a scorned ex-lover, and we must say that theory is being proven right this week.

Unfortunately for NFL player Kerry Rhodes, he has been outed as gay by a very bitter ex. The messiness started late last week after gossip blog Media Take Out first published some photos of Kerry, 30, and a somewhat flamboyant gay man Russell “Hollywood” Simmons. The photos depicted Kerry playfully carrying Russell, as well as putting his arms around him.

The photos seemed romantic, but Kerry quickly issued a statement to TMZ denying he was a gay man.

Apparently this seemed to irritate Russell who then decided to leak more photos of the two earlier this week (photos like the one above or the one below which shows the two men with matching tattoos) which would definitely be hard to deny.

As if the photos weren’t enough, Russell then decided to completely out Kerry by giving an interview to Bossip. In the interview, Russell dropped a number of bombshells. Some of those highlights or should be say lowlights are below -

  • He dated Kerry for 1.5 years.
  • He lived with Kerry and was like a wife to him.
  • Most of Kerry’s teamates and coaches knew about their relationship but never talked about it.
  • Kerry was very generous to him always showering him with gifts & money.
  • Kerry dumped him after he tried to get his own TV show.
  • Kerry was the one who made the first move.
  • He is upset, and is outing Kerry because he denied being gay.

Wow to the zers! Kerry has yet to respond to being outed and hasn’t updated his twitter page in days.

We must say it’s pretty awful to decide to out someone. However we can’t help but wonder why someone who wants to remain in the closet would date a messy famewhore?

With that said, here’s to hoping Kerry will turn this into something positive by officially coming out and making history as the first openly gay NFL player.

By the way, Kerry was cut by his team the Arizona Cardinals a while back (way before he was outed) so it will be interesting to see if this revelation will affect his chances at being picked up by another team.



Kerry Rhods Pictured On Vacation With Ex-Boyfriend Russell Simpson


Kerry Rhodes Was Outed as Gay By Ex-boyfriend Russell Simmons


Kerry Rhodes and ex Russell "Hollywood" Simmons have matching tattoos


Another shot of Kerry Rhodes and Ex-boyfriend Russell 'Hollywood' Simmons


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  • David Cooper

    You need to just come out of that closet Kerry!! The flashlight is shinning on you in the da closet so there is no more darkness for you to hide in !! And as for you Hollywood, I understand why you did what you did but as my girl NeNe says from RHOA “You can never win when you play dirty hunni!!!

  • David Cooper