Ann Curry Is a “Mean-Spirited” and “Uncaring” Neighbor From Hell, Says Couple

Following her very public ousting from NBC last summer, many sympathized with Ann Curry and turned against her former co-host Matt Lauer.

Fast forward to today and Ann’s neighbors are now painting a different picture of the former TODAY anchor, painting her as a “mean-spirited” and “uncaring” person. Yikes!

So why the harsh criticism? Well it all stems from Ann’s decade-long renovations on her Manhattan brownstone.


Ann’s neighbors — John Lee and his wife Lynne Lummel, who live next door to the TV journalist, tell the National Enquirer that Ann and her husband Brian Ross have made their lives “a living hell for ten long years.”

See Ann, 56, and hubby Brian purchased their $2.9 million Upper West Side home back in November 2003. The house has however remained uninhabited since the purchase, and even worse, the couple has continued to disrupt the lives of their neighbors with 10 years of non stop renovations.

John says the worst part about the situation is that Ann has not been apologetic: “She hasn’t shown my wife and me a shred of compassion or understanding for the disruption their decade-long home renovation caused our neighbors and us,” adding, “our quality of life was destroyed. She’s an uncaring , mean-spirited person who cannot bring herself to apologize for her mistakes.”

Unfortunately for the couple, things took a turn for the worse when they claim that back in December 2010, a water pipe burst in Ann’s home and flooded their basement.

The incident reportedly caused thousands of dollars in damage, even causing John to get an electric shock from a plugged-in heater.  “It was an extremely dangerous environment, and I could have been killed,” stated John.

His wife Lynne added: “We finally reached a settlement with Ann and her husband six months later. I get very emotional when I think of her and what she put us through.”

Ann has yet to respond to her neighbor’s accusations.

[Photo Credit: Laurence Agron / PR Photos]


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  • Max-A-Million

    ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! My first problem with their story is that they told it to the “National Enquirer”, enough said! Second, they did say that no one Lived there (10 year or not), maybe they didn’t know about the noise. Trust me I am well aware of renovations going on in a home next to me whether I like it or not but there are ordinances and if the ordinances are being violated then you contact your local authorities. And I know for as much as folks in New York pay for brownstones, there has to be a home owners or neighborhood association in place. Maybe the she’s been renovating for 10 years because she plans to use the place as a retirement home? My real question is if this has been going on for 10 years, where have these people been? Whether you like Ann Curry or not the way NBC dismissed her wish flat out Wrong and unprofessional; rumors regarding her dismissal were hurling for weeks and she still maintained her professionalism. Maybe NBC should learn something from her! Bottom line I think this is a case of Haters (some people were upset that she was receiving the balance of a $15 million dollar contract but still upset). When you get to her level, money is second nature; she did pay $2.5 million for a brownstone that she or her family haven’t lived in for 10 years. Last but not least, if this has been an unbearable problem for as long as this man and woman claims, what the neighbor on the other side of Ann’s home have to say? Mr. John Lee and Ms. Lynne Lummel, “Don’t hate the player, hate the game!”